• Chris Kelley March 27, 2018
    We highly recommend your services to our customers and those who have used your services are very satisfied with your turnaround time and costs and your overall service. Thanks guys for all your help.
  • Sophia Turner March 04, 2018
    Absolutely great customer service at Phone Repair Lab. The person who answered my phone call professional and knowledgeable. Thank you
  • Alexandria Vazquez January 09, 2018
    What a pleasure it has been today, dealing with staff at Phone Repair Lab. I have been having trouble getting someone to fix my Galaxy's smashed screen. I was getting very concerned. I called your store and received such great service. The store was very busy with customers and we received brilliant service and the speed was fabulous. Congrats to the owners for having such competent staff.
  • Casey Mora December 12, 2017
    Today I called the Phone Repair Lab and was greeted with a friendly and professional person... It was very refreshing to receive this. My questions were answered immediately by the representative, I was quoted a price and was offered that the phone dropped off would be repaired in 30 minutes. True to their word my iPhone was fixed and I am extremely grateful for this. I was also reassured that if I had any problems with my iPhone to bring it back. I am one very happy customer and know I am valued by Phone Repair Lab, Congratulations and well done on your fantastic customer service. This is a great store with great people servicing this area. A big thank you, I will also be recommending these guys to all my friends and family!
  • Olivier Burgess December 11, 2017
    Thank you so much for fixing my phone so quickly!
  • Kiyan Cottrell December 09, 2017
    You fixed the charger port on my Samsung Note. More than happy with the result. The service was speedy and the guys were really nice and easy to talk to. This will be my place to go to in the future... I am most impressed.
  • Gerry George September 14, 2017
    Excellent service I've received in awhile, was really fast and phone is good as new. Friendly as, I'll certainly tell my friends about you Phone Repair Lab
  • Sophie-Louise Woolley August 22, 2017
    Definitely the best price I've ever come across when repairing damaged iPhone screens, and my phone was severely shattered but they replaced it no worries in under an hour. This was great! To be honest, as I walked in expecting the worst. It was my second time there and again, great service, so friendly and great quality. Will keep on going back there for sure and would recommend it to anyone! I'm ecstatic to have a nice new shiny phone screen!
  • Garfield Mcguire September 25, 2016
    My screen wasn't working on my sons iPhone so took it in to the Repair Lab, The technician said it wasn't broke, it was just a bit of dirt stuck inside so they fixed it for free. Good and honest people.
  • Izaan Mcconnell January 14, 2016
    Thank you very much PRL. A great team with great service. After receiving very poor service at another local mobile repair store who told me that no one would be able to get my screen in stock, you guys have managed it smoothly and done an excellent job. I will recommend you!

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